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Race Schedule:

  • 4:00: Registration opens
  • 6:00: Kids Criterium Race (7 minutes)
  • 6:15: Special event – Skid Mark contest (in dirt perking lot)
  • 6:20: Rider Brief
  • 6:25: 1 Lap Criterium Race Start (10 minutes)
  • 6:40: 2 Lap Criterium Race Start (20 minutes)
  • 7:00: 3 Lap Criterium Race Start (30 minutes)

Race Tip of the Week:  All of this week’s races will be race in a Criterium format. He/she who rides the furthest in a given amount of time wins!  Mass start, racers race short laps with obstacles for a pre-set amount of time.  Once that time is up a horn will blow and all racers will complete one more lap. Due to the nature of the short race course there will be a lot of racers passing each other throughout each of the events.  Where possible, ride on the right side of the trail and pass on the left.

Adult Race Course: This week will be a short course, under a mile in length.  It will feature dirt roads, grass fields, a small section of non-technical singletrack, and a portion that is similar to a cyclocross race.  For that last portion, there will be a barricade that you will have to most likely get off of your bike and run over, or take a longer route around and not have to get off.  There will also be a lot of hairpin corners, so practice your corning!

2015_berkshire_mtb_course_week_8(Click Image to Enlarge)

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