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It’s that time again… tuesday…TUESday…TUESDAY……TIME TO RACE!!!!!

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00: Registration opens
  • 6:00: Kids Race
  • 6:30: Rider Brief
  • 6:35: 3 Lap Race Start
  • 6:37: 1& 2 Lap Race Start
  • 7:00: Rail Ride

Race Tip of the Week:  Special Events; in an effort to balance the playing field between the pure aerobic machines that win every XC race and those who ride with secret skills our Training Series was designed to crown the best all-around rider in each class.  In order to do this we hold a Special Event every week to highlight a specific skill set required to master Mountain Biking.  These Special Events are weighted exactly the same as the XC races for the over-all points series, if you are interested in winning a class for the overall series at the end of the year you NEED to be participating in the Special Events.  Highlighting the need for balance and carefull line selection, this week’s Event is the rail-ride, whoever rides an increasingly narrower and turnier rail the furthest wins, simple as that, 1 point for entering and up to 10 for winning!

Adult Race Course: This week we’ll go back to riding the park clockwise, so there will not be a “parade loop”.  However, we will be heading behind the baseball field as we would for the parade loop, then through some fields to The Chute.  After which the course will head into the Angry Neighbor singletrack, and back through a few sections of trails that we haven’t done in a while.  So we’ll be doing Broken Shovel, Baby Ruth, and The Party Zone (which is the muddy section from the first few weeks).  If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be heading down to the river through the flow downhill, and then again through another river before climbing up to the finish line.

2015_berkshire_mtb_course_week_7(Click Image to Enlarge)


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