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It’s that time again… tuesday…TUESday…TUESDAY……TIME TO RACE!!!!!

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00: Registration opens
  • 6:00: Kids Race
  • 6:30: Rider Brief
  • 6:35: 3 Lap Race Start
  • 6:37: 1& 2 Lap Race Start
  • 7:00: Special event: Kids Last Bike Standing
  • 7:30: Special event: Adult Last Bike Standing

Race Tip of the Week:  DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS! Having a FREE race is fun! But what makes is free? First and foremost, VOLUNTEERS! No one gets paid for this race!  ALL work is done by volunteers, without them this race wouldn’t happen, feel free to walk up to any of the orange shirted Race Officials and thank them, they deserve it.  Second, Money, Yes this year we’ve been fortunate to have a couple of generous sponsors step up, thank you General Dynamics Mission Systems and Berkshire Bike and Board.  So what do the donations go to if we have sponsors?  Currently all donation money, including shirt/drink sales, is going to securing funding for next season, so if you’d like to ensure we have racing next season, time to donate, BUY A SHIRT!

Weather: WOW looks like we might have a dry one for the first time this year 😀

Adult Race Course: This week’s course is going to be a bit longer than the past few weeks.  We have our Crit and Time Trial nights still to come, which will both be short courses, so its time to put a little distance into the course.  Although it is looking to be rather warm out there, this week’s course has three stream crossings to cool you and your bikes down in the heat.  Most of the climbing will be in the shade, and descending in the fields.  Look out for the first downhill of this weeks course as you duck into the woods for the first time, it is steeper than most other descents at the park, and has some nice root sections.

2015_berkshire_mtb_course_week_6(Click Picture to Enlarge)


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