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WEEK 4 — We are almost half way through the Berkshire Mountain Bike Training Series for 2015!

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00: Registration opens
  • 6:00: Kids Race
  • 6:30: Rider Brief
  • 6:35: 3 Lap Race Start
  • 6:37: 1& 2 Lap Race Start

Special Event:  Slowest Race Time Trial, the longest time along a predefined short-course wins!

Race Tip of The Week:  Keep an eye out for the Berkshire Bike and Board “Fun Zones” these are signed out on the course and represent an extended section that may be hazardous or “Fun”.  Specific obstacles will be marked with yellow signs with three down arrows, caution should be exercised when seeing these.

Adult Race Course: Shorter than previous weeks, so expect this course to be fast!  We are skipping the muddy section in the pines known by a few as the “Party Zone” (Mike Ward), as this area needs some time to dry out.  Instead, we will be using some double-track field style trails to get across the park.  We’ll be descending the trail Down By the River instead of climbing it, and we’re not crossing the river this week.  Total distance for the week 5 adult course is 2.15 miles.

2015_berkshire_mtb_course_week_4(Click Photo to Enlarge)

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