Posted by on July 1, 2014

it’s that time of week again… tuesday…TUESday…TUESDAY……TIME TO RACE.

Thank you everyone for your continued attendance.  Last week was great with over a fifty racers of all ages we had a great success.  Sadly a couple of our racers had a bad day, went a little hard and paid a price physically.  I know it’s racing but let’s try to ride with in our abilities out there.

A couple of pointers for those of you getting after it hard:

  • It’s always a good Idea to get out there and pre-ride the course to site in possible areas you might find yourself getting in trouble with.  We try to publish the race course for the week a day or two prior to race day. Additionally, we are usually marking the course by four in the afternoon and you’re more than welcome to come out a pre-ride it then. (See the attached course map to this post for today’s race course)
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order, being distracted by malfunctioning equipment is a sure receipt for disaster.
  • This is a great chance for you to check your helmet.  If you have crashed your CPSC approved helmet you should replace it.  If your helmet is over 3 years old, replace it, sunlight, bug spray, and inside car heat will break down the foam most helmets are made of.

This week we have a special treat, not only do we have a Special Event, Bike Limbo, but we also have a special race category, this week is Hawaiian Shirt day, you earn an extra championship point for participating in the event with a Hawaiian shirt on J So break out your most obnoxious Polynesian garb and wear it proud.

Once again this week we will have pizza out there for a small donation, all proceeds go straight back into the event.


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