Posted by on July 6, 2015

It’s that time again… tuesday…TUESday…TUESDAY……TIME TO RACE!!!!!

Race Schedule:

  • 4:00: Registration opens
  • 6:00: Kids Race
  • 6:30: Rider Brief
  • 6:35: 3 Lap Race Start
  • 6:37: 1& 2 Lap Race Start

Special Event – Ugliest Jersey, wear your ugliest jersey for the race, check in at registration, have your picture taken, and vote online during the week

SPECIAL QUALIFIER: Vintage Bike night, race your vintage bike (pre 2000) and gain an extra point.

Race Tip of The Week:  MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR # PLATE, if you don’t have it it will cost you $5 for a new one!!!!

Keep an eye out for the Berkshire Bike and Board “Fun Zones” these are signed out on the course and represent an extended section that may be hazardous or “Fun”.  Specific obstacles will be marked with yellow signs with three down arrows, caution should be exercised when seeing these.

Adult Race Course: Similar to last week, although we’ve added The Chute singletrack that brings riders by the newly renovated dirt jumps behind Reid Middle School and an additional flowy downhill section towards the end of the course.  Total distance this week is 2.75miles per lap.

2015_berkshire_mtb_course_week_3(Click to Enlarge)


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