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Race Schedule:

  • Kiddy Crit Start 6:00
  • Awards/Racer Brief 6:30
  • 1 Lap Class Criterium Start 6:35
  • 2 Lap Class Criterium Start 6:50
  • 3 Lap Class Criterium Start 7:10

Big change for this week, we will be racing a Criterium format.  A Criterium format is a short lap format designed to be high energy, close racing, and spectator friendly.  Racers start and race for a preset amount of time, plus an additional bell lap.  The winner is determined by total number of laps completed and bell lap finish position.  1 Lap Class will start at 6:35 and race for 15 minutes, plus a bell lap, 2 Lap Class starts at 6:50 and race for 20  minutes plus the bell lap, finally the 3 Lap Class goes off at 7:10 and race for 30 minutes plus the bell lap.

LAST RACE BEFORE THE FINAL!!!  The final week will be the race followed by a party, we will be presenting the end of season awards plus pulling the swag raffle.  So time to plan the party, Berkshire Bike and Board is coughing up the cash for some grillin’, we just need to bring everything elseJ  So much like the series itself, Potluck it is!  We will need Side dishes, desserts and drinks.  I think if we bring our own drinks and have Last names A-L bring sides and M-Z bring deserts things should work out.

Speaking of Potluck, we are putting together the season trophies, we are doing it on the CHEAP (free) the only thing missing is some kind of engraving, does anyone know of someone who can engrave 20 small plaques for CHEAP (free)?  I was hoping not to be in this position at the end of the year, thank you everyone who has donated to the race, we have raised $480.00 to the race, sadly our operating budget is $1500.00.   Luckily the BCA (Berkshire Cycling Association) and Berkshire Bike and Board came through with a loan and flat out $$$$ at the beginning of the year to get us started.  At this point we will be unable to completely pay the BCA back at the end of the year, this does not bode well for next year’s race series, had every adult donated $5 for every race they participated in, we would have $2500.00 right now.  With $1000.00 left over after expenses we would have had a MUCH better awards party and a MUCH better swag raffle plus securing the series future.   Please continue to give to the donations kitty, ALL donations go straight back to YOUR race, we are all vollenteers, NO ONE is paid.

Race Tip of The Week:  With a 6:35 1 Lap Class start time, racing for 15 minutes.  A 6:50 2 Lap Class start racing for 20 minutes, making the 3 Lap Class start at 7:10 racing for 30 minutes plus a bell lap puts the 3 lap class ending at approximately 7:45….sunset is at 7:50….gonna get dark in them thar woods for the 3 lappers.  If I was a 3 lap class guy/gal I would want to bring a light (if you don’t have one let me know and we’ll get you a light for the night).

Weather: Looking good for this week

Tuesday:  Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a high near 77. Light and variable wind.

Tuesday Night:  Partly cloudy, with a low around 54. Calm wind.


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