Posted by on May 28, 2014

Last night we held a mock race to ensure that everything for the training series was in order. Here are the results!

Time Bib First Name Last Name Cat Place Points
00:25:03 768 Jess Chapman K 1 10
00:54:41 323 Neal Blair 3M 1 10
DNF 333 Matt Giardina 3M 5 6
DNF 327 Steve McDermit 3M 5 6
DNF 322 Dave Sacco 3M 5 6
DNF 324 Jeff Kellogg 3M 5 6

Thank you to everyone who showed up to help setup the mock race as well as those who participated.  It was a great success! Congrats to Neal for being the only 3 lapper to finish the entire course 3 times around.

We look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday, June 3rd for our first race!

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