Posted by on June 10, 2014

As many of you may have noticed last week, the dirt road entrance to Springside park off of North St. / Route 7 is in rough shape.  There are numerous potholes and areas that have been washed out due to the sizable storm we had last week.  I have informed the Parks department of Pittsfield of the issue with the road.

Parking is still available at Springside park via this road, but for those who wish to park somewhere else to give their suspension a rest there are a few options.  Parking is available at the Springside house, which is located on this same dirt road, but before the rough sections.  Parking is also available at Reid middle school, as there is a large paved lot behind the school.

If you choose to park at either of these locations, instead of the upper dirt lot near the swing-sets, it is just a short walk to the registration table and start/finish lines of both the Kids and Adult races.

See the attached map for addition parking details.

Parking Situation

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