Date Main Event Special Event Event Director
June 20, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Log Pull Matt Thomas
June 27, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Wheelie Contest Garrett Pully
July 4, 2017 NO RACE, HAPPY 4TH!
July 11, 2017 Criterium (Course Map) Track Stand / Vintage Bike Night Matt Giardina
July 18, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Bike Limbo / Hawaiian Shirt Day Jeremy Manzolini
July 25, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Last Bike Standing Erik Forestell
August 1, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Rail Ride TBD
August 8, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Slowest Race Time Trial John Broderick
August 15, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Trials (Obstacle Course) David Clark
August 22, 2017 Mass Start (Course Map) Skid Mark Contest Jeff Kellogg
August 26, 2017
Time Trial (Course Map) Awards Party (Incl. Most Improved) Matt Giardina


Springside Park at the swingsets!

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Start Times

  • Registration – 5:00-6:15
  • Balance Bike/Training Wheel – 5:45
  • Kids race – 6:00
  • Main Event #1 – 6:00 – 1 Lap Race
  • Main Event #2 – 6:30 (6:30PM Start – 4 Lap Race, 6:31PM Start – 3 Lap Race, 6:33PM Start – 2 Lap Race)
  • Special Events – 6:30-8:00


  • Day of registration is available for all events from 5:00PM to 6:15PM at the registration booth. There is no entry fee associated with the races (yes this is a FREE training series!), but each racer must sign a waiver before receiving their race number.
  • No participant will be allowed to race or participate in any of our events without a signed waiver and race number.  Minors, (under the age of 18) must have a waiver signed by their legal parent/guardian prior to participating in any of our events.
  • There are costs associated with running a weekly event, so please consider donating each week to show your support for the local mountain biking community.  Without your donations, we would not be able to continue to hold such a great mountain biking series!
  • There will be a donation bucket each week at the registration table, or use the donation button below to donate to Berkshire Mountain Bike Training Series.


Weather Plans

  • Lite Rain/Showers – Race as planned
  • All day/Soaked Trails – decision made on Monday by 7:00 pm
  • Reroute race to less delicate trails/roads with in park
  • Lightning within 5 miles:
    • Prior to start – postpone events 15 minutes, brief participants, spectators and staff to seek shelter in hard topped vehicles.  Cancel events if lightning is still within 5 miles 15 minutes later
    • During race – complete current lap and count it as the event

How It Works

  • Classes

    • Men/Women Elite (4 Laps)
      • Required to quality for the class and remain competitive to continue to race in class. (Visiting Cat 1/2 riders are allowed a once race waiver to compete)
      • All racers who finished in the top 10 overall positions of the 3 lap class at the end of previous season(s) are qualified and are invited to participate in the 4 lap elite class.
      • Any racer who places in the top 3 positions of the previous race will qualify to be invited by the Series Director to participate in this class.
      • Any 4 lap racer who fails to finish within 15 minutes of the winner of the 4 lap class will be required to race in the 3 lap class until they re-qualify for the 4 lap class.
    • Men/Women Expert (3 Laps)
    • Men/Women Intermediate (2 Laps)
    • Men/Women Novice (1 Lap)
    • Kids
      • Separate, Smaller Race Course than adults
      • Separate start time than adults (6:00PM)
    • Balance Bike/Training Wheel
      • Under the Age of 13
      • Separate, Smaller Race Course than kids
      • Separate start time than kids (5:45PM)
  • Main & Special Event Points

    • 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9, 3rd = 8, etc. in your respective class
    • If you change classes within a given season, points are not transferred to the new class
      • e.g. upgrade from 2 laps to 3 laps
    • No points will be awarded for lesser races when participant races two races at one event
    • Racers are only allowed to race in one race per event (plus the special event)
  • Additional Points Awarded

    • Points in this category are for the End of Year raffle only
    • Volunteer for entire race day – 5 points (tickets)
    • Volunteer for single event only – 3 points (tickets)
    • Volunteer point awarded at event director discretion – 1 point (ticket)
  • Awards

    • Awards will be presented at the start of the next race
    • Balance Bike/Training Wheel Class
      • All finishers will be awarded a participation ribbon
      • All racers will be awarded a participation trophy at the end of the season
    • Main Event – Certificates will be awarded to first place winners for all Men’s and Women’s classes
    • Special Events – Certificate of accomplishment will be presented for first place winners of all men’s, women’s, and children’s classes
    • Points Championships – End of season grand prizes or trophies for all classes
      • Points Total = Race Event Points + Special Event Points
    • End of Season Grand Prize Raffle – based on tickets awarded under “Additional Points Awarded”