Posted by on September 14, 2015

WOW WHAT A SEASON!  By any measure the 2015 season was a whooping success, but, we are human so we must measure.  So here is the 2015 season by the numbers.  We had; 777 racers for the season, 192 of them raced the kids race with 48 of tikes on push bikes.  This year our racers really stepped it up and moved up in class; 144 racers in the 1 lap class, 193 in the two lap and a whooping 248 in our most popular 3 lap class.  Our average weekly attendance was 83 racers, with our least popular race the week 8 Crit with 67 racers, followed by week 9, our most attended race, at a clean 100.  On average everyone raced a least 4 races, good job everyone!

So evidently we all love to race, but do you want to race next year?  The final most important number in determining whether we’ll have another race season… much Money do we have to secure another series?  drum roll please……$802.85, while that leaves us $197.15 shy of the minimum $1000.00 we need to start the season with, I can’t imagine we won’t find some generous soul, or souls, to make up the difference (donations are still being accepted at Berkshire Bike and Board).  So we best start planning for the 2016 SEASON!!!!

The first step in our planning process will be a 2015 season assessment meeting, we’ll discuss all the things we did right and discuss some ways we can do better next year.  6:30  pm on Tuesday 22 September at the Pittsfield Berkshire Bike and Board is your first opportunity to sculpt next years season.  As always pizza and beverages will be provided, come early if you don’t have your own chair or just bring one.

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